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Group Subscription

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A group subscription must be created by a group administrator who is the person at your company or institution who will handle the financial transaction and all administrative details, including filling out the following pages. The administrator should first create an account name for your group that will be used to identify it on invoices and similar records. This name should reflect the membership of your group (for example, CK Corporate Communications). If you wish to add an additional product to your current group subscription, please enter your current account name and administrator user name and password in the fields below.

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As group administrator, you will need to create a unique user name and password to log in to Account Administration, where member lists, group subscription updates, and renewals are handled. If you wish, you may use an e-mail address for your administrator user name.

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If you would like to use your administrator user name and password to access the Manual content, please check here to be added to your group's member list.


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